Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Why Are Monday's Different

There I was emptying trashcans in cubicles, row after row after seemingly endless rows when I thougt:

Why are Monday's different in our business?

and zoom! into the Zen of Cleaning

If you stop by company website, www.lk-clean.com , you will see that we have been updating with pictures of before and after cleaning. Paying particular attention to project work.

Obviously because the difference with this type of work is appartent immediately and highly visible. But what about the routine cleaning, you know, dusting, vacuuming, trash, restrooms?

I mean, unless I happen to have the camera with me the day some customer's employees have another popcorn and rubberband fight, I will never really get a good shot of say, vacuuming!

Then I got to thinking some more and I realized that Monday's in our industry are different and I could run off about maybe 6-7 options. But no, instead I am going to post a Poll Question at
www.globalcleaningassoc.com on the Commercial line and see what everyone else thinks first.

I'll come back here with the results in a week or 2. Probably will post some other brain drain items before then, have a really busy cleaning week coming my way.................................:)

Thank God for dirty people!, I would otherwise be unemployed.!