Thursday, February 10, 2005

Those shiny floors

Did you know that many of us in the Cleaning Field consider floor work or scrubbing and waxing floors to be a form of craftmanship?

It's true, stripping, scrubbing, sealing and finishing floors requires a learned skill and the process itself is filled with numerous challenges that must be faced and conquered in order to achieve the high gloss, durable shine required in your facility.

You can protect your floors and allow that shine to last longer by installing carpet mats at all entrances from the outside and also from the inside if they lead into production areas.

While I am on the subject of carpet mats, is it me, or has anyone else noticed that the mats being delivered by the rental companies really look terrible. I was looking at these black mats in 6 different buildings just this past evening and many of them looked like they were stored in or near a moth farm. These pitiful mats were threadbare in some spots, some had stains and they were just installed today! And some looked like they were used by a teething puppy!

I flipped a couple of them over and they all seem to be coming from 2 companies, that bad ones that is. Aramark and Cintas. I would recommend that all my customers stop the delivery driver next week and tell him/ her that you find the conditions of these mats to be unacceptable. Here you have this gorgeous, shiny floor, provided by L & K Cleaning and then they throw down this ugly, spotted, chewed up mat!.