Sunday, March 16, 2008

Of Mice and Mainly -- your office

It's been a very long, cold and snowy winter here in southern Wisconsin. Record breaking snowfall, 84" so far, long periods of below freezing temperatures are causing a larger than normal number of non-paying tenants to invade your offices.

When winter is this severe, forage for mice and rats is even more scarce than usual. This causes them to seek out food sources in areas where they normally would shy away from. Mainly, your front office. We have noticed that a number of our customers have set out traps and bait trays this past winter.

You're just not putting them in the right place! Next to your file cabinet may make you feel a little more secure but by the time that mouse has found your bait or trap they have already contaminated a lot of areas within your office.

Most rodents are entering your building from the warehouse, loading dock, storage area or manufacturing area. This is where there are more points of access. This is also where you need to focus on trapping or poisoning them before they make it all the way to the front office to get to the receptionist candy dish.

A couple of tips to reduce these vermin is in the area of prevention.

1. Had a birthday party? Don't leave the cake out, especially uncovered, put it in the refrigerator or have someone take it home.

2. All those boxes of cookies, crackers, bags of candy and other goodies stored under the desks? Not a good idea, it's a junk food buffet for these critters and what they don't get now, the ants will find in another month.

3. Break areas, coffee stations and cafeterias--don't leave food out overnight, close up the donuts and put away the bagels, besides eating that stuff after it's been out, uncovered all night, isn't healthy for you either!

We clean all of these surfaces nightly and take out the trash as well but we won't throw away food that isn't marked 'TRASH'.

For some of our customers that are only serviced sporadically, ( anything less than 5x a week is sporadic) we clean these areas on each service call but you will need to keep watchful eye on the food invitations left out on the nights we aren't scheduled.

Remember that mouse droppings can carry the Hanta Virus which has been proven deadly to humans. If you see mouse droppings or other signs of vermin post a note on our communication portal and we will address it immediately on the next service call. We are trained in hazardous material handling and infectious disease prevention.

I can't wait for spring and warm weather and I know most of you can't too!

As always if you have any concerns or questions post a note on the communication portal or email me at or . If you have lost or misplaced your access code for the communication portal, please email