Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why We Hate the Phone Company

To be in a service based business you have to be a 'people' person. Personally, I love meeting people, talking to people, hearing their stories and so forth. It's fascinating to me and gives me greater insights on developing our service programs.

This includes talking with our employees. They are all part time which means many of them have full time jobs besides ours or are in school preparing for a new career or are retired from their life's work. This all makes for interesting conversations.

We also take the time, periodically, to add items to their paycheck envelopes. Things like janitorial humor or cleaning related cartoons that we come across, cleaning related crossword puzzles etc...

Recently we put in a survey and asked the cleaners:

If you could request 3 things of the customer you clean for, what would they be?

The number 1 answer? And I mean by almost everybody!

Please Stop Throwing the Phone Books in the Trashcans!


1. They make the cans very heavy and difficult to empty
2. The books always rip the plastic liner causing the half cup of coffee or can of Pepsi to spill into the can which they now have to go wash out.
3. The book is not trash, it is recyclable

I thought this was very interesting and would pass it on to our readers. I will post other survey results in future blog postings.

Thanks for reading.