Saturday, April 12, 2008

Maids or Commercial Cleaning

Let's take a moment for a little clarification and hopefully reduce some common mis-conceptions.

We in the janitorial industry are not maid services, they are in the housekeeping industry. Companies like Molly Maid, Merry Maids, Polly's Broom Holders etc... are in the house cleaning industry, they perform services such as doing your dishes, vacuuming your drapes weekly, pulling out all your furniture each week to sweep and vacuum behind, etc...

Janitorial services or commercial cleaning companies like L & K Cleaning operate off of cleaning specifications that are submitted with their price proposal. When you ask your office cleaning service provider to pull out all your filing cabinets to clean behind them, you will be getting a quote or price estimate. Yes we vacuum your drapes, once every 6 months, not weekly. No we will not run around and collect your 400 coffee cups off of your desks unless that was specified during the bid walk. We don't water your houseplants on your desks either.

If you doubt me, call a few housekeeping or maid services and ask for a price quote for cleaning your office that includes all these extra services. I will match their price, service to service.
I need the increase with the price of gas going up.