Thursday, December 16, 2004

News Flash--Cleaners Have Tele-kinetic Powers!!

The second item on the employee survey was split evenly by 2 complaints. Since they are both very similar I gave them a combined consideration and ranked them number 2 on the top 3 list of cleaning employee complaints.

2A is: Please mark boxes that are trash with a big 'T' so we know to take them and throw it out.
Our staff are trained NOT to throw out any box that is not IN a garbage can unless it is
marked as trash!

2B is: If you need more work space-- do not use your trashcan as an extra stand! When cleaners arrive for work and go to empty the trashcan and some book/pad/case etc is open or on top of the full can of trash, guess what? bye bye book, pad or case!

2C is: Personal note from me, No, I do not, any longer, go dumpster diving because you made a mistake. It's not safe and it's certainly not healthy.

Number 3, the final cleaner complaint will be out in a few days.
Thanks for reading.