Friday, July 29, 2011

I have an app for that

I don't write many memo's anymore, not like I used to when working for the Mega Service firms. Usually a few a year regarding upcoming training programs, new equipment, updated chemicals it's really all I ever do anymore.

Today however, I found myself writing a new memo to the entire staff based on some surprise inspections I pulled over the last few nights.

I love arriving in a building at night, announced and definitely unexpected. But I digress, back to the memo, here it is in recap form:

To the staff of L & K Cleaning:

After visiting all of the buildings over the last few nights for quality control inspections I would like to thank everyone for their fine efforts and the results you have all achieved.

That being said, I am forced now to remind everyone about our cell phone policy.

You were hired to clean buildings, we have spent the time and money on training you, providing you with the latest in equipment and chemicals in which to perform your tasks. We also provide you with paid safety and health training classes 2x a year, in return, we expect you to be cleaning for the 3 to 5 hours per night that you are in your assigned building.

I was dismayed by the number of people I found using their phones while on the job and want to reiterate our cell phone policy.

You may not use your phone while on the job unless it is to contact your supervisor or team captain and in an actual emergency.

You should not be chatting, twittering, texting or playing angry birds while at work and on the clock. If you are found violating this rule you will receive a brand new L & K App called Angry Mule.

Shortly after receiving this app you will then be able to tweet about what a jack-ass your FORMER boss is.