Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Your Health at Work Part 1

Your sitting in front of your computer, nice hot cup of tea or coffee next to you.

Take a sip.

Now, how was that mug cleaned? Was it put in a dishwasher? If so, go ahead and finish that java.
If on the other hand, you like 96% of office workers everywhere, you probably rinsed that mug out with some tepid water at the sink and put it off to the side for your next cup.

Some researchers at the University of Arizona, tested some common work place surfaces including spoons used to stir coffee, coffee mugs and other commonly shared utensils.

You can read about their tests in this story from the Associated Press.

The CDC did some similar tests a few years ago and found that there were more bacteria growing in one coffee mug that had only been rinsed out night after night for one week then there was growing on a public toilet seat.

Still drinking?

Before you run over to the sink to wash out your mug, grab some paper towels to wash with because those sponges and dishrags have more bacteria in them than your mug currently does. Unless that sponge and rag is rinsed nightly in a bleach solution, the bacterial growth in those items can sicken an entire building of workers. The most common bacteria that cause intestinal problems, (those solved by Pepto) are now mostly resistant to antibacterial soaps.