Saturday, February 19, 2005

Your Health at Work Part 2

We are now entering the peak of the flu season.

Most of you should have noticed that we have placed large bottles of antiseptic hand cleaner by your break room sinks, coffee stations or bathrooms.

We provide these for your protection and to help make everyone aware of the possibility of cross contamination of surfaces that are shared by all.

We use an antiseptic wipe on each phone when we clean your office. However, if we clean your phone once per week or 5 x per week it is only clean until the first person uses it following our cleaning. Therefore, when someone who is coughing, sneezing etc... Picks up the phone on your desk to make a call, they are now transferring those nasty little germs over to the next person to use your phone. (you?)

If you would like more of the bottles of antiseptic for other places in your office please contact us at 262-790-9330

We care about our customers, 24 hrs. a day.