Thursday, November 08, 2007

MRSA, Staph, Resistent bacteria

With more and more resistant strains of bacteria and other nasty germs growing at an alarming rate many customers ask us; 'What can we do to prevent contamination here in our office?"

1. While we clean each time with a disinfectant and sanitizing agent, the cleaning and disinfecting only lasts until the next contact with that object, be it door knob, light switch or telephone.

2. We strongly recommend that employers purchase bottles of Hand Sanitizer to keep in high traffic/usage areas like the mailroom, copycenter, coffee station etc...

3. We have provided a one time courtesy bottle to all of our customers.

4. We also encourage employers to reiteriate the importance of hand washing especially after using the restroom.

5. The chemicals we use are Green Seal Certified disinfectants and cleaners. We use these to safely clean the surfaces in your facility while still remaining conscious of the environment.

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